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If You Have a Dead Tooth, Treat It to Protect Your Live Teeth

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Trauma, injury, and severe decay are all conditions that can cause your tooth die. When your tooth no longer sustains blood flow it is considered "non-vital" or dead. This also means that the nerves in the tooth are also dead. In order to protect the health of your other teeth, it's important to have your dentist in Mount Pleasant, SC examine your tooth to determine the best treatment for it.What Are the Symptoms of a Dead Tooth?The signs that you might encounter if your tooth is no longer viable vary greatly with each patient. A dead tooth can cause no pain, but it also might be very painful. You might ...

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Why a Comfortable Dental Office Matters

Dental Office Mount Pleasant SC
Are you looking for a dentist office where you can feel at home? An office that is warm and welcoming but still features the latest in leading-edge technology? Look no further than your Mount Pleasant, SC, dentist East Cooper Smiles.When we designed our office, we wanted to create a comfortable space for our patients so they could feel relaxed while they are here. And that includes the friendly staff who will greet you when you walk through our doors. We hand-selected a team of professionals who love what they do—and it shows!We know that many patients do not enjoy visiting the dentist. For some, it is even a source of ...

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Myths and Facts about Fluoride

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There is much information available about fluoride and much of it is confusing. A few of the questions about fluoride include: Is it safe? Should it be in our water? Does it really help to prevent tooth decay?Fluoride helps teeth resist decay and even promotes the repair of early decay. Your dentist in Mount Pleasant, SC, will confirm that fluoride is a beneficial part of your oral health wellness plan.Now we’ll take a look at some of the myths and facts about this often-confusing topic.Fluoride Myths Many People BelieveMyth: Fluoride does not offer any real benefits to either kids or adults.Fact: Fluoride keeps teeth strong.Fluoride makes teeth more resistant to ...

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3 Steps to Take in a Dental Emergency

Emergency Dentistry Mt Pleasant SC
Dental emergencies are scary and inconvenient! It can be overwhelming if there's blood or painand you're not sure what to do. The good news is that when you have the right dental team on your side, you can rest assured that things will turn out all right. Here are three common dental emergencies and tips on how you can handle them.A Broken ToothIf your tooth breaks, it will require treatment in order to prevent further damage. Try to gather as many pieces of your tooth as you can and contact your team at East Cooper Smiles right away. Dr. Annan will determine the best repair option for your tooth.If your ...

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What Does the Future Hold for Dental Implants?

Dental Implants Charleston SC
Dental implants have been the top tooth replacement option for decades since the '50s when they first hit the scene. Because they restore your root, they closely mimic your natural tooth, which best protects your oral health. Implants have improved over the years as we learned that titanium easily integrates with bone, but what does the future hold for this treatment that already boasts a 95% success rate?Improved OsseointegrationThe number one reason that 5% of dental implants fail is infection. When a dental infection occurs, the implant is not able to integrate properly and adhere with your bone. In some cases, the implant has to be removed. Researchers, however are ...

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Reduce Soft Drinks to Reduce Tooth Decay

Preventive Dental Care Mount Pleasant SC
All the commercials and promotions that discuss tooth decay and how to prevent it often focus on sugary snacks and the products that can counteract decay, but what you rarely hear about is how acidic and sugary drinks can cause as much, if not more, damage to the enamel protecting your teeth.Common foods and beverages that contribute to decay include:Sugary snacks – especially sticky onesHighly acidic foodsStarchy foodsAcidic energy drinks, juices, and sodasSugary Snacks and Dental DecayThe reason why sugary snacks are so detrimental to your teeth is because they provide the preferred fuel for bacteria to reproduce rapidly. One of the byproducts of bacteria growth is an acidic environment. ...

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3 Ways Our Dental Office Environment Was Designed around Your Needs

Comfortable Dental Office Mount Pleasant
We understand that a trip to the dentist is not everyone’s idea of a fun way to spend the day. That is completely understandable!With this in mind, we strive to make your visits to our Mt. Pleasant, SC dental office as comfortable as possible. Our friendly team puts patients at ease and makes your experience an enjoyable one.We also know that dental offices can create anxiety. When designing our office, we considered the type of place that we would want to visit and made patient comfort and safety a priority.Comfortable Welcome AreaOur welcome area is the place where we will first greet you, ask you to sign any necessary paperwork, ...

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