Sedation Dentistry in Mount Pleasant, SC

Mount Pleasant Sedation Dentistry helps to mitigate the anxiety and apprehension many patients feel during their dental appointments, and is now a preferred treatment method in dentist offices all across the country.

Sedation dentistry is used by dentists to create a more positive and relaxing experience for patients by eliminating the anxiety and apprehension many undergo during their visits. Conscious sedation is administered to allow people to receive the quality dental care they require without tension or fear, and could possibly change the way you see or approach your next procedure!

Why Should I Consider This?

Sedation dentistry allows a patient to retain his/her ability to stay conscious and responsive to commands, as well as the ability to remain awake during procedures without relinquishing a sense of comfort or control. Each patient that opts for sedation can expect a feeling of peace and relaxation as they receive treatment, and each will leave knowing they quickly and comfortably obtained the attention their teeth necessary to maintain good long-term dental health.

Often called relaxation dentistry, sedation dentistry is safe and easy to provide. A strongly preferred alternative to general anesthesia, in which a patient is rendered completely unconscious, sedation dentistry is readily available and accessible to all of our patients and is administered by our top notch dental professionals on a daily basis. We provide sedation dentistry for you because we are in the business of providing a pleasant, patient-friendly dental environment.

No More Avoiding the Dentist!

We want to make your experience comfortable and worry-free, and we work hard to ensure that your dental treatment is as fast, painless and affordable as humanly possible!

So for dental care that defies convention and delivers convenience, give us a call today.