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Six-Month Braces in Mount Pleasant, SC


Straightening your teeth can be a costly and time-consuming affair, often lasting for years and creating a look different than you may have wanted. Metal braces can also be extremely uncomfortable and a source of constant hygienic issues.

Six-Month Braces, however, allow people the ability to effectively and efficiently develop a healthy, beautiful smile in a very short time and at nearly one-half the cost of traditional metal braces!

Six-Month Braces technology, known also as Six-Month Smiles, eliminates the unsightliness of bulky metal braces while targeting the area(s) of your smile most important to you.

What Are They?

Six-Month Braces employs tooth-colored wires and brackets that are nearly unnoticeable to the naked eye. This amazing innovation also relies on low-force realignment and an average treatment can end in a period of just six months, improving overall comfort as well as hygiene.

By focusing on particular problem areas that concern you, this technique allows for targeted, precise teeth alignments in a shorter period of treatment than traditional braces. Six-Month Braces is a more affordable and more effective alternative to Invisalign, which doesn’t offer the same level of control or expediency.

Who Qualifies For Six-Month Braces?

We make Six-Month Braces an accessible option to all of our patients and recommend this procedure for the client's looking for an adjustment in your smile in a very short time.

Our practice was the first in our area to offer patients this unique opportunity, an exciting new orthodontic method and alternative to traditional tooth alignment. Dr. Jason Annan, D.D.S. is an expert in the application and the advantages of Six-Month Braces and continues to use his vast wealth of knowledge and experience to provide patients a better way to develop glowingly beautiful smiles!

Call us today to schedule a free consultation and find out more about the benefits Six-Month Braces can offer you.

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