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Fillings vs. Root Canals

October 28, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Jason Annan
Dental Fillings Mount Pleasant SC

If you have what appears to be a cavity, your dentist might tell you that a filling will suffice. However, there is also a chance your dentist will mention that a root canal might be a possibility. Although the root canal sounds much worse than merely filling a cavity, a root canal is not the excruciatingly painful procedure many dental patients fear.

Let’s take a look at what it means to get a filling versus root canal therapy in Mt. Pleasant, SC.


If you’ve got decay in your tooth, you will likely need a filling at a minimum. Because dental technology has improved so much in recent decades, tooth-colored fillings are now available. Not only do they look better because they are virtually invisible, but they are stronger than the amalgam fillings of the past. The composite material blends in so well that it matches the natural shade of the teeth surrounding the one that needs to be filled.

Getting a filling is a straightforward procedure. Your dentist will clear away the decay present in the tooth, then fill the cavity with composite material. The material will harden and your tooth is protected from further decay.

Sometimes a filling might not be enough because the nerve, or pulp, of a tooth has become infected or inflamed. This is generally caused by dental decay, a tooth that is cracked or broken, or a tooth that is injured.

Root Canal Therapy

Most people get a toothache that just doesn’t go away, and they realize something is amiss. Pain intensity can range from mild to severe, and it might get worse when you bite down on the affected tooth.

Sometimes the pain is accompanied by sensitivity to hot and cold. Your gums might also be tender and swollen.

The first thing your dentist will do is examine the tooth and take x-rays to figure out the cause of your pain. It will be determined if you need a root canal, or possibly a less invasive treatment.

During the procedure, a dentist will use a drill to remove the affected nerve and pulp of the tooth. The tooth will be sealed to protect it against any further damage. Because the root canal procedure weakens the tooth structure, a crown is usually applied to strengthen it and give you back normal functionality. Ultimately, though, your natural tooth is saved!

If you are having tooth pain or sensitivity, call your dentist to find out if you need a filling or root canal therapy in Mt. Pleasant, SC, to preserve your tooth. Call Dr. Jason Annan today!



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