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Why should I replace missing teeth?

Did you know that a missing tooth can cause a domino effect that can change the architecture of your smile and create dental problems? When a tooth is missing, the teeth surrounding it begin to shift towards the gap, which alters your smile and changes how you eat and speak. Due to the shifting, tooth decay may happen, along with cavities. Even if all your existing teeth are perfectly aligned and shaped, that all can change when they shift.  

Without a tooth root to anchor the jawbone, your bone can actually retract and recede, creating a "sunken" hollow-cheeked appearance. The entire contours of your face can completely change due to missing teeth, not to mention how difficult eating and speaking can become. 

At East Cooper Smiles, we offer permanent tooth replacement options like dental crowns, bridges, dentures dental implants, and more. If you are in Mt. Pleasant, SC, and are missing a tooth—we recommend making an appointment to speak with Dr. Annan about your options. It's crucial to prevent future dental problems, and replacing a missing tooth can restore your confidence and appearance. 

East Cooper Smiles can help you decide which tooth replacement procedure is right for you. Call our dental team in Mt. Pleasant, SC, for more information about your dental options. 

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