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Welcome to East Cooper Smiles, Jason Annan DDS, in Mt Pleasant, SC . We offer our patients excellent comprehensive dental care, including the best preventative, Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth Whitening, Six Month Braces, Invisalign (clear braces), Dental Implants for missing teeth, (Sleep Dentistry) and Emergency Dentist services in Mount Pleasant and its surrounding areas.

You will feel at ease knowing that your teeth are in the professional and personal care of Dr. Annan's wealth of experience and years of honed dental skill. Dr. Annan and his dental staff deliver a friendly, comfortable atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. You will be informed, welcomed and well cared for throughout your entire visit!

Our dentist services include nearly all dental treatments currently available in modern dentistry, giving you the opportunity to save both time and money by meeting all your dental needs in just one location.

Rest easy with the dental work done by Dr. Annan, because his dental prosthetics (including crowns) come with a 5-year guarantee.  No other dentist in the area offers such a guarantee.  See our services page for details.

Dr. Annan aims to give everyone an outstanding service experience and superior quality care that fits within your budget. As an East Cooper Smiles’ patient, you will always be treated like a member of our own family.

Our professionals are always available to answer all of your dental care questions. We look forward to seeing your smile!

If you have a dental emergency while in Mount Pleasant and/or Charlotte areas please call our office at (843) 884-7200 and we will get you some relief ASAP!



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  • Deep Bleaching
  • Deep Bleaching - Example 2
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