Extreme Whitening - KOR Deep Bleaching in Mount Pleasant, SC

One on the most common questions we get is "can my teeth by whitened?" or the related "My teeth just can't be bleached."  Dr. Annan has spent considerable time and effort in finding a truly universal whitening system that will work on nearly every type of stained teeth.  This is the Extreme Whitening-KOR Deep Bleaching technique.

teeth whitening mount pleasant sc

What Sets Kor Deep Bleaching Apart?

There are no gimicks, no "Zoom" lights or "One Hour Bleaching" tricks.  Dr. Annan has tried these procedures--and found that they cannot produce significant results on all patients.  That's why he uses Kor Deep Bleaching--it is whitening that works.  Period.  It works on teeth that are stained yellow from years of coffee, soda, even smoking.  Dr. Annan has found that Extreme Bleaching is the only system that can whiten teeth stained from medicines, like tetracycline.  The Kor Deep Bleaching system also has numerous processes to greatly reduce the sensitivity that many people get from other "whitening" products.
If you are interested in whitening that truly works--and not just gimicks, then Extreme Whitening-Kor Deep Bleaching is something you should consider.

The Process

The Extreme Whitening-KOR Deep Bleaching technique utilizes a combination of in-office bleaching with at-home bleaching.  The exact length and duration of treatment depends on the degree of staining your teeth have. Our office both offers and recommends this uniquely powerful Extreme Whitening- KOR Deep Bleaching technique to anyone searching for significantly whiter teeth. We are experienced, courteous and professional, and will do whatever it takes to restore your smile’s natural sheen.

If you’re in need of a smile that leaves them talking while blowing them away, call us today. Your smile is our business!