Implant Dentistry in Mount Pleasant, SC

Mount Pleasant Dental Implants

An effective alternative to bridges, dentures and missing teeth, innovations in implant dentistry have given us the tools necessary to provide our patients with natural-looking smiles that will last a lifetime, using dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants, which are generally made of titanium, both function and the feel the same as regular teeth while serving as an attractive replacement to those that are missing. Rather than relying on other teeth as an anchor, implant dentists utilize the jawbone, allowing for a more stable and longer-lasting result. The advent of and improvements in implant dentistry have made it safer and easier to give dental implant patients the care, treatment and satisfaction they ultimately deserve.

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Who Can Get Dental Implants?

Implant dentistry is available and accessible to any and all of our patients that may be considering this important, life-changing procedure. Filling the missing gap or gaps in your smile could perhaps be the most crucial step in rediscovering your self-confidence, not to mention one of the best things you can do to improve how you use your teeth.

Dr. Annan and his staff are highly-skilled and accomplished implant dentistry professionals who take great care in the restoration of your dental health and your natural smile. Implant dentistry is an exciting and simple option that provides people a great alternative to traditional tooth replacement, and our experts can show just how beneficial this procedure can be.

We take pride in taking care of our patients, and would love for you to consider us your number one option in when searching for superior-quality implant dentistry. We have the tools, knowledge, experience and integrity to provide you with the industry-leading care you deserve and require from your dentist.

To determine if implant dentistry is right for you, call us today to schedule a free consultation.