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What Are the Pros and Cons of Dental Implants?

June 29, 2021
Posted By: East Cooper Smiles
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Are you worried about smiling, laughing, or eating in public because you have missing teeth? Luckily, you can put those worries behind you by getting dental implants in Charleston, SC. 

East Cooper Smiles can help you restore your smile and replace missing teeth with high-quality dental implants. Our dental implants are customized to match your natural smile and complement your features. Also, our dental implants are designed for your utmost comfort so you can smile, laugh, speak, and eat with ease. 

Pros of Having Dental Implants 

There are many advantages to having dental implants:

  1. They look just like natural teeth. Everyone will be dazzled by your new and improved smile!
  2. They are permanent and comfortable. You never have to worry about implants falling or slipping, like with dentures. 
  3. They restore your smile’s function, allowing you to effectively and comfortably bite, chew, and speak. 
  4. They can be cleaned, brushed, and flossed like natural teeth. 
  5. They prevent bone loss because they stimulate the jaw bone. 
  6. They support your facial muscles, which energize your appearance, making you look younger and healthier. 

Are There Any Cons to Dental Implants? 

There aren’t many cons to having dental implants. Whether or not you should have them or not depends entirely on your oral health and your personal preferences. It’s all a matter of your own opinion and what your dentist determines is best for you. 

The only thing some patients consider to be a drawback of dental implants is the cost. However, having a permanent tooth-replacing solution is a worthy investment in your health and well-being. 

The cost of dental implants depends on:

  • Location of the implant
  • Number of implants needed 
  • Any necessary pre-implant dental work, such as bone grafting

Dental implants are typically more expensive than dentures, but our team at East Cooper Smiles can help find an affordable and satisfying option for you. 

Affordable, Reliable Dental Implants in Charleston, SC 

Dental implants may be the solution to your tooth replacement needs. East Cooper Smiles wants you to have the smile you’ve always wanted so you can enjoy life without worrying about your dental health. 

That’s why we offer affordable dental implants in Charleston, SC. Our dental office has various financial options, including CareCredit. CareCredit is a healthcare card patients can use to finance dental work with no interest! 

Please contact us at our Charleston dental office to schedule your consultation or to learn more about CareCredit.

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