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The Importance of Regular Exams

January 19, 2021
Posted By: Dr. Jason Annan
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The foundation for a beautiful smile is excellent oral health. Just because you have an attractive smile doesn’t necessarily mean your teeth and gums are healthy and strong. To keep your teeth and gums in the best shape possible, you must have regular exams and teeth cleanings. Poor oral hygiene can lead to serious health issues, but many of these issues can be prevented with proper, consistent dental care. 

The Health Risks of Poor Oral Hygiene

Our oral health is linked to our overall health and wellbeing, and our teeth are meant to last us throughout our lives. When we don’t brush, floss, and clean our teeth regularly, bacteria accumulate and spread, wreaking havoc on the mouth and the body. Teeth damaged due to trauma or poor oral hygiene can pose a greater risk for tooth decay and gum disease. 

Poor oral hygiene can also lead to complications with heart disease, diabetes, and other medical conditions. Though we cannot control everything that happens to or inside of our bodies, we can do our best to prevent oral infections and tooth decay. If we maintain proper oral care, several health risks can be avoided or treated with the help of our team at East Cooper Smiles. 

Benefits of Regular Dental Exams & Cleanings

Preserving the health of your teeth and gums is a lifelong commitment. Dentists highly recommend that you brush twice daily, floss at least once daily, and rinse your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash. To remain proactive in your oral health care, it’s also important that you get regular teeth cleanings and dental exams. 

Our licensed hygienists deeply clean your teeth with specialized equipment to remove plaque and tartar, reducing the risk of cavities and infection. Though you can remove some plaque and debris from your teeth by daily brushing and flossing, you won’t be able to reach all of the nooks and crannies of your mouth as a hygienist can. 

During a routine exam, your dentist monitors your oral health, identifies any problem areas, and provides you with the necessary treatment. Routine exams and cleanings allow your dentist to make sure your oral health is on the right track so you can avoid painful or costly procedures down the road. 

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