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How do I clean my Invisalign clear aligners?

The Invisalign system uses many molded trays, which you wear 90% of each day to correct misalignments in your teeth. You only remove these trays when you eat and drink and while you brush and floss your teeth. Your aligner tray, like your teeth, also needs to be cleaned daily. If you neglect this care, your tray may discolor or possibly cause bad breath.

Several Ways to Clean Your Trays

Depending on your priorities, you have several options when it comes to cleaning your aligners. The simplest is to follow this daily regimen:

  1. Rinse your trays at each meal.
  2. In the morning and before bed, brush your aligner with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a small amount of gentle, clear liquid soap.
  3. Rinse your tray thoroughly after brushing.

Invisalign also offers a couple of products for easy aligner maintenance. You may buy a special “Steraligner” tray that holds a cleaning solution. You place your aligner in this tray for several minutes and then rinse them with warm water.

You can also buy cleaning crystals from Invisalign, with which you can make a soaking solution. When the recommended soaking period is complete, we recommend brushing the aligner thoroughly with a soft toothbrush and clear water.

Learn More about Invisalign in Mount Pleasant, SC

If you’re interested in the Invisalign treatment, maintenance is easy but requires consistency. So don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule a consultation to start down the path to a straighter smile.

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