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Is a root canal a dental emergency?

A root canal means you have an infection in one of the canals of your tooth, and we do consider this a dental emergency. When you have pain, in fact, we always think of it as an emergency.

A root infection means you have damage or infection deep in your tooth’s canal. Typically, you’ll notice:

  • Jaw pain and swelling
  • Tooth pain or sensitivity
  • Blister on the gum

Other times, the signs may be more subtle, and your dentist finds the infection during a routine dental checkup.

In either case, it is always better to treat a root infection as soon as possible. The infection can spread to other teeth, and the pain can increase rapidly.

Root canal therapy means your dentist numbs the treatment location and gently extracts the infected tissues from your tooth. We then close it off with a temporary filling. This closure promotes healing.

At your next dental visit, your dentist in Mount Pleasant fills the tooth or caps it with a dental crown—the latter is recommended if the tooth is fragile and vulnerable to fracture.

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