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Will my root canal be painful?

Many people mistakenly associate root canal therapy with pain. In reality, however, root canal treatment is a routine dental procedure that should not be painful or traumatic. 

When patients need a root canal procedure, it’s because their natural tooth is living with severe infection or internal damage. Dentists do not perform root canals on healthy teeth; instead, the procedure is typically a last-resort effort to save a compromised and ailing tooth. 

Unfortunately, teeth that get to this point are painful and sensitive. Internal tooth infections are a serious problem, and if you need root canal therapy, you’ll experience extreme discomfort and disruption to your daily routine. Infected teeth can make it impossible to eat, think, and even sleep.

Despite their universal reputation for being painful, root canal treatments performed by dentists are actually what will relieve your pain and suffering! When you undergo a Mount Pleasant, SC root canal, you will feel amazed at the difference in your level of pain immediately following treatment. 

Because root canal therapy removes infected dental tissue and cleans out the inside of a tooth, a patient immediately post-treatment should feel significantly better than when they stepped into the dental office for the procedure. The relief from pain will occur instantly!

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