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How do veneers work?

Have you ever had an “ugly” tooth you wished you could hide from the world? Or maybe you’re unhappy with how your smile looks as a whole? If you’re thinking of changing your smile into something more attractive, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through porcelain veneers. 

Veneers, which are super-thin shells of porcelain, permanently attach to your natural teeth to cover tooth imperfections and hide cosmetic concerns. Veneers in Mount Pleasant, SC can camouflage blemishes such as yellow teeth, stained teeth, crooked teeth, short teeth, or misshapen teeth. 

It’s helpful to think of porcelain veneers like a mask, used to cover up and distract from something you don’t want other people to see.

When you rely on cosmetic dentistry treatments like veneers, you get to present a polished, beautiful version of your smile to the world—even if it’s not the version you were born with. By using veneers, you can create your dream smile by placing whiter, smoother, and healthier-looking surfaces over your teeth to give the impression of a nearly-flawless smile. 

When you’re ready to begin your treatment, our Mount Pleasant dentist prepares your natural tooth or teeth by removing a trace amount of tooth enamel from the front surface to make room for the veneer(s). Then, he uses a special dental cement to permanently bond the porcelain shells to each tooth’s surface, leaving you with a breathtaking finished product. 

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