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KOR Whitening

December 9, 2015
Posted By: Dr. Jason Annan
KOR Whitening Mount Pleasant SC

Most people want whiter teeth, yet anyone who has purchased over the counter whitening products knows it is frustrating when you don’t get the results you want. This is especially true when you pay the extra money for a “professional strength” in-office whitening treatment and still don’t have the discoloration lifted. This is why Dr. Jason Annan offers his patients in the Mount Pleasant, SC area the best whitening treatment available: KOR Whitening.

The KOR Difference

One of the major reasons even the best whitening products don’t give you your desired results is because saliva eventually dilutes the gel, making it inactive. Usually, whitening treatments are active for twenty-five to thirty minutes before saliva stops the whitening process. The KOR-Seal whitening trays are designed to create a seal between teeth and the fluid in your mouth so it can stay active for six to ten hours instead of half an hour. When the active ingredients in our whitening gel stay active longer, they have a better chance at penetrating the enamel of your tooth to get the deep and stubborn stains.

Whitening Misconceptions

All in-office whitening procedures are the same – There are a lot of different types of in-office and at-home kits available, but they all use different types of gels and trays which will yield different results. KOR whitening uses a high-potency gel and sealing trays to remove deep discoloration.   

Lights and lasers are more effective – Many people believe that the heat caused by lights and lasers help the peroxide in whitening gels to stimulate better results, but it actually has been shown to cause sensitivity after the whitening treatment. KOR treatments rely only on their gel and trays to give patients superior results.

You will have to get touch ups regularly – With a lot of whitening procedures, you will have to get touch up treatments regularly to keep teeth white. The KOR whitening treatment is permanent, making it a one-time investment for a more attractive smile. You can even keep drinking coffee and wine without having to worry about staining.

Whiter Teeth Today

Don’t keep wasting money on over the counter products and ineffective in-office procedures. With KOR whitening, you can get amazing results in one treatment. If you would like more information on the KOR whitening procedure, or to schedule an evaluation, please contact our office today!

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