Emergency Dentistry in Mount Pleasant, SC

Mount Pleasant, SC emergency dentist Dr. Jason Annan and his professional dental staff accommodate you during your time of need and will see you the same day you call. He has advanced emergency and hospital dental training that makes him reliable for any emergency dental surgery or procedures.

Ignoring a dental problem usually results in a bigger issue in the long term. It can even lead to tooth loss or systemic infections. Call us today for dental pain relief!

Emergency Dentistry in Mt. Pleasant: Root Canalsman with tooth pain in charleston

Most of the toothaches we see stem from the need for a root canal in a particular tooth. The pain comes from an inflamed or infected nerve in the tooth. A root canal in Mt. Pleasant removes the nerve causing the pain and essentially eliminates the toothache entirely. An untreated, infected tooth can cause serious health problems, including the loss of healthy teeth and even infections in other parts of the body.

Your Emergency Dentist in Mt. Pleasant: Extractions

Some teeth become so infected or damaged that they must be removed. Dr. Annan is skilled in extracting teeth and has additional training to ensure a safe, successful tooth removal. He always makes sure the area he's working in is thoroughly numb. Additionally, our team is here to keep you comfortable. 

We understand that having a tooth pulled in Mt. Pleasant can be scary, but we offer tooth replacement options to give you your smile back. Replacement options include choices that fit most budgets. Our dentist will discuss tooth replacement with you and work hard to help you recover your smile. 

Traumas or Dental Emergencies in Mt. Pleasant, SC

emergency dentistry in mount pleasantWhether a broken tooth, a chip, or a lost filling or crown, Dr. Annan can fix teeth with a simple filling or simple repair. Often times, these procedures can be done in a matter of minutes.

If your tooth has been knocked out, try to save the pieces if possible as they sometimes can be re-attached. Keep the pieces moist until you see your emergency dentist in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

If you have a lost filling, place a piece of sugar-free gum into the cavity until you can get to the office so we can repair the lostl filling.

Ultimately, it's important to rinse the mouth out with warm water when you have a toothache. This disinfects the mouth and keeps any infection from spreading and causing more pain.

Avoiding Dental Emergencies

Regular dental exams and teeth cleaningscoupled with an excellent oral care routine at homemay lower your risks for certain kinds of dental emergencies, including root infections.

Contact Your Emergency Dentist in Mt. Pleasant Today

No matter your dental emergency, Dr. Annan and his exceptional staff are ready and willing to ease your pain in a professional manner. Call us today with any questions or to set up your appointment.